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Teen Titans Playful TK Story
By LoneZero

A playful tickle story requested and made for a friend of mine, hope she likes it, May do other stories with other characters. =)

On a small island at the bay of Jump City stood Titans Tower, the base
of operations of the Teen Titans. The titans relaxing and preparing for the next
the threat each in their own way enjoying the peace.  

Cyborg in the garage working on his beloved car, Beast boy in the living/main ops room channel surfing, and Robin brooding locked his room carefully digging up any facts or clues to Slade's lair. Thus leaving Starfire alone wondering the tower for something to do. As Starfire wondered down the hallway believing the boys were doing "the hanging out" went off to search for Raven to do the same, as she walked down the hall she heard the familiar mantra from her fellow team mate Raven coming from her room.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos...Azarath Metrion Zinthos" Raven said to herself in a
low voice Levitating in midair, meditating in peace, enjoying the quietness and
alone time she craves as she focus to control her powers even further.

"Raven..." A familiar voice spoke behind her,  In that brief moment all of Raven's concentration vanished, thrusting her back to reality, Raven's eyes popped wide open and turned her head to see who interrupted her meditation.

"Forgive my interruption" Starfire said politely "would you like to commence the "hanging out" with me?" She asked Raven. Since switching bodies during the fight with the Puppet King, the girls have become closer and Starfire even is allowed to enter into Raven's room.

"Not right now Star, I'm busy right now" Raven said trying to keep her cool
looking way with one eye open trying to regain her lost focus she once again starting chanting.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos.." She chanted again meditating returning to her
world inside her head, as she concentrated more and more returning to where
she was a sudden poke to her side with a fingertip shattered her focus and with a loud squeak she feel to the floor.

"St-Starfire what are you doing!" Raven snapped at her as a black aura surrounds her body "Apologizes friend Raven for the interruption, I wish to try something" Starfire replied back reaching over poking Ravens side again with her fingertip, causing another loud squeak and almost a giggle to escaped Raven's lips.

"Heh- Starfire stop that! I'm trying to meditate!" Raven snapped becoming more and more annoyed at these annoying distractions, wrapping her arms around her body to protect her sides as Starfire smiles "I've been wanting to try the tickling for some time know, I knew you would be ticklish" Starfire said happily.

Raven was acting so uncharacteristic, normally quiet, emotionless, studious and sarcastic all washed away with a couple pokes. "I'm not ticklish, go do "the tickling" with beast boy" she said coldly and calmly trying to regain her composure and bluff her  way out of this situation.

"But friend Raven don't you remember when we switched bodies? We know
everything about each other" Starfire said with a smile and walked towards
Raven wriggling her fingertips with a smirk, Raven's eyes widen she couldn't
concentrate to say her spell as she backed up deeper in her room stopping at the foot of her bed.

"You asked for it Star, Azarath Metrion Zin-hehehehehe Stahahhaarfirrehehe" Raven squeaked and bursted into giggles falling onto her bed as Starfire pounced giggling with Raven as her fingertips spider walked back and forth along Raven's sides sitting on Raven's knees trapping her under Starfire's
touch flailing under Starfire's fingertips.

"hehehehehe stopphehithheheheehhe hehehehehe Azarath Metrhehehehheion Zinheheh ahhahahaha" Raven giggled then laughed trying to save herself with her spell again while Starfire's fingertips traveling down and up both of Raven's sides as her arms flailed in the air up and down and tried to latch arms to her sides only causing Starfire's hands to be trapped between Raven's arms and sides as Starfire tickles away.

"hahahahahahaha hehehehehehe ahahahaha hehehehe stoppphahahhaa" Raven squeaked laughing as Starfire tickled away along her sides "Oh friend Raven I've been wanting to do the tickling with you for some time now it's always so much fun isn't it?" She giggled asking Raven tickling her friend playfully.

"Nooohehahahehehe it's hhehhahaehee notttthehehehe stooppphehehehe starrrhehehehehehaahahahah" Raven said laughing, protesting against Starfire's cruel fingertips as they switched down and up against Raven's belly, all ten of startfire's fingertips scribbling and spider walking nonstop.

"hahahahahahahahhehehehehehehehe nooot there hahahahhahahahhehehehehehehehehe staarrrhehehehehehe ahhahhahahaa" Raven laughed, epped, and squeaked squirming side to side shaking her head madly helpless under Starfire's attack. Starfire's Tamaranian strength was more then enough to pin Raven down as she laid there under Starfire's relentless tickling.

""Hahahahahahahahahahhehehehe okay heheheheheheahaha okaaay hahahahahaha". Raven continued laughing. "Azarath Metrhehehehheion hahaha Azarath Metrion Zinheheh  hahahahaahahehehehe". Raven could not clearly speak her mantra without breaking down in the middle or near the end of Metrion or Zinthos laughing away, her willpower and concentration shuttered and cracked, unable to use any of her powers to fight off Starfire's touches.

"Plleeassehehehe Star hahahahahaa stoppp hehehehahahahahahahahaa" Raven laughed mixed with giggling and squeaks as she pleaded with Starfire, all the while Starfire danced her fingertips playfully across Raven's ticklish tummy.  In desperation Raven grabbed Starfire's wrists in an attempt to stop her and push Starfire's hands away.

"Thaaahhehehehhtshhehe enooughhehehehe Starhehehehehe stoppphehehehe" Raven laughed and pleaded looking up at Starfire. "But friend Raven I've never heard such cute laughter before it's most nice to listen to, we should do the tickling more often" Stafire said happily.

"Hahahahahahahaahhahaa nooheheheooo we don't hahahahahahahahahahehehehheheheheheehe have hahahahehehehe tooo" Raven laughed wriggling under Starfire. She was no match for Starfire's Tamaranian strength her wrists latched on to Starfire's but couldn't budge or tug Star's hands away from her own ticklish tummy only able to hang on as Starfire tickles away down and up Raven's belly Raven's hands following unable to do anything else.

"breakheheheh breakk hehehehe plehehehease hehehehehe starhahahahahahehehehehe stoppppppphahahhaha" Raven gave the same girlish giggling the pink Raven in her mind had used prior pleading with Starfire for a break as Starfire finally relented stopping with a nod.  Raven laid flat on her bed for a few moments giggling and catching her breath to compose.

"Oh friend Raven thanks so much for doing the "hang out" and "the tickling" with me" Starfire said cheerfully, Raven gave her high quality death glare went somewhat oddly with her blushing cheeks still catching her breath she's never laughed so much in her life. "Will you do the "tickling" with me again friend Raven? I can tell beast boy about it and we can do it together". Starfire said happily thinking of a way to include all her friends.

Raven's eyes widen just the thought of Beast Boy knowing she was ticklish made her shiver and cringe, he would surely take advantage every chance he had.  "Lets not tell Beast Boy about this" Raven said turning her head giving Starfire an un-amused look. Starfire confused then smiled and said "well friend Raven  I will not tell anyone on one condition".  Raven asked nervously "What condition?".

Starfire twiddle her fingers as she asked "we go journey to the mall of shopping, and perform braiding maneuvers open each others hair" Raven gave an audible sigh. "All right," she said resignedly. "but can you get off me first?" She asked Starfire back in sarcastic tone of voice.

Starfire's eyes widen forgetting all about the fact she had Raven pinned down under her "Oh pardon me, my apologies friend raven" She said quickly getting off her friend and helping her up.

"Thanks Star" Raven said finally on her feet only to be poked again playfully by star on her tummy as Raven squealed with giggles. "hehehehe heeeey" Raven giggled smiling then quickly covered her face with her hood. "Are we going?" She asked regaining her composure soundly defeated by a few place pokes and tickling. Starfire nodded "Let us go" she said as the two friends flew off.

Raven secretly began thinking of a way to get Starfire back she knew she would have to catch her off guard and surprise her or else she would be only be pinned down again and tickled for it, She hated it bringing out her emotions she tries so hard to hide. Meanwhile Starfire was thinking of all the ideas and plans she could convince Raven to accompany her in all by just using "the tickling".

the two friends enjoyed a day at the mall, not worrying about any dangers or alerts just having a normal as they can be, day to themselves.

The End For Now.
Just a Story I wrote for a friend, something playful with tickling.

I Do not own this characters they belong to DC.
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SHADOWDARK6662012 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
is really cute
Reaver36 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
=D thanks!
Niji-Ga Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
ohhh i hope u write another part!!!!! :D the ending was a cliff hanger ;D u sure got them in character though!!!
Niji-Ga Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
I Love it Reaver36 OMG its my fav one i ever read ^_^ your the best :D *hugs*
Reaver36 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011
thanks, hopefully got the characters just right! ^^
Creative-Inversion Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011
Awwww! Very cute story! :D
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